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Polythene - Varigauge


One of our most popular products available from minimum orders of 500. Printing from single colour to a maximum of 2 colours both sides or 4 colours one side (spot colours not process print).

Very quick turn around,call for details.

Vast range of sizes and colours.




Minimum size: 10”x12”x3” White only (180/360 gauge)

Maximum size: 24”x20”x3” White only (180/360 gauge)

Flat Punch Out Handle Bags: Min: 6”x10”  Max: 12”x12”

Maximum 2 sides in 2 colours or 4 colours on one side.

Large range of colours available.


Call now for an instant quotation on 0141 639 2644.

MBE Packaging’s varigauge carrier bags are produced from low density polythene which is blown in such a way that the polythene is double the thickness at the top of the carrier around the handle. This gives the handle area extra strength.